About Healing Destiny

Healing Destiny Therapeutic Massage

There is more to the name:

I want to welcome you to Healing Destiny Therapeutic Massage, my name is Apryle Williams, licensed massage therapist and owner. I was inspired to become a massage therapist by my children, particularly my daughter, Destiny, who has special needs due to a rare condition called Pontocerebellar hypoplasia. This places her care entirely on the people around her. Seeing the positive results my daughter received from alternative health practices, especially craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and applied kinesiology, has guided me not only in my career path but my approach to faith, health, healing and therapy. My approach is natural and holistic, integrating the mind body and spirit to help make healing your destiny.

Education | Training

I graduated from Greenville Technical College in 2009 with 750 hours in massage therapy training as well as several other modalities. I also pursued two professional level aromatherapy courses in 2008 and 2009 and have done continuing educational courses in Qigong, Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.

Mission | Purpose

I strive to offer the best massage experience possible in a relaxing environment, to better assist an individual’s personal journey to their healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, providing education and support when possible. I am supportive of a client’s individual needs, preferences, goals and achievements, while supporting both complementary and alternative healthcare system preferences.

Office Policies

  • Therapeutic massage is offered by a licensed massage therapist, available by appointment only.
  • Full amount of payment is due at time of service rendered.
  • If a client is late, the appointment is missed or there is failure to give at least 24 hours notice for a canceled appointment, the client will still be responsible for the full amount for services designated by the scheduled appointment.
  • Until an outstanding balance is paid in full the right is reserved to refuse service.
  • Services adhere to the appointment time. If a client is late, time maybe taken off the massage. It is best to arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out any paperwork and be able to start the massage in a timely manner.
  • All information shared during the session and in client files is confidential except when subpoenaed by a court of law.
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